Unicorn Drawstring Bag
Unicorn Drawstring Bag
Unicorn Drawstring Bag
Unicorn Drawstring Bag

Pixi Crew

Unicorn Drawstring Bag

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  • A simple back bag, also called Gymsack made of 100% polyester, is very popular with children, teenagers and young people.
  • It is ideal for slippers, physical training, fitness items, work or cycling.
  • It has a long drawstring, so it can be comfortably worn attached to a briefcase, over the shoulder or even better on the back, making it a modern accessory. It is also practical thanks to the material used, which is easy to maintain and is easy to fold and store.
  • The unique silicone PIXIE CREW creative panel TM is placed on the frontpink color. The circle is 9 cm in diameter and you have arround 55 small pixels you can use it to draw a picture from your imagination

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